Feeling pretty in PTAH Accessories

March 15, 2017

Hello beautiful people! Happy Humpday to you all, and we meet again with a very pretty post. Today’s post is in collaboration with an Indian Imitation jewellery brand, called PTAH Accessories, pronounced as “ta:” In Egyptian mythology, Ptah is the demiurge of Memphis, god of craftsmen and architects. Well, I couldn’t agree more, their jewellery is a […]

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A whole lotta quirk!

July 15, 2016

So, if someone asks you to define yourself, how would you define in one word? There are a lot of words that describe one’s trait or personality but, there is usually one particular word that takes the crown. I think “Quirky” is one such word that describes me the most. Most people think being quirky means […]

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Pink, Plain, and Plaid

May 18, 2016

Heeelloooooo!! Why such a long hello, you ask? Because, It has been a long time since, I posted something, and this happens to be my first post for the month of May! This month is usually a little crazy, May is my birthday month, and I’m out travelling! I spent my birthday in the gorgeous Key […]

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∩∩ Cozy up! ∩∩

December 23, 2015

Hello everyone!! Isn’t it always nice to see colors? I love colors, i’m very expressive with them. It’s an instant mood changer, especially, during winters! Don’t  get me wrong but, colors makes you stand out against all the dull, and boring shades of black or grey! I’m not saying its bad but, personally, colorful clothes […]

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