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A whole lotta quirk!

July 15, 2016

So, if someone asks you to define yourself, how would you define in one word? There are a lot of words that describe one’s trait or personality but, there is usually one particular word that takes the crown. I think “Quirky” is one such word that describes me the most. Most people think being quirky means weird but, the truth is, it is being weird in an endearing way. If they say being yourself means being weird then I’m weird. A quirky person often stand well alone, he/she will undoubtedly attract attention and some of it unwanted, some of it unkind. I’ve been there but, you can’t help it because that’s who you are.

Most people are afraid to show their true colors, and be bold because, they overthink. They are worried about the society accepting them. I feel you should be more worried about accepting yourself than the society accepting you, and that’s what matters the most. I’ve been at the receiving end, I’ve been a victim of the society. Especially, for my dressing sense, and how skinny I’m. I’ve received negative comments on my body, as to how can someone so skinny wear those shorts, or a skirt, or whatever! I’ve been called anorexic by people who do not even know the meaning of it. Anorexia is a disorder, how can someone insult?  I mean, discriminating someone based on their body type isn’t acceptable under any circumstances. But, I’ve overcome it, I wouldn’t say completely but, I’m getting there. At times when I’m buying a piece of clothing, I still contemplate, I wonder if I should buy it, or if I’ll wear it or if  I can carry it off. Then I realize, I dress for myself, not for anyone else. So, I stop being bothered about what others think or say about me. Believe me when I say this, I never used to wear sleeveless tops, why? Because, my arms are thin. I never wore short dresses, why? Because, I was afraid people would call me chicken legs. I started wearing all these clothes, and started experimenting only after I got married, funny right? Most of them would’ve done this in their teens, and here I’m experimenting with my dressing style in my late 20s. Age doesn’t matter if you’ve the confidence, I got mine from my husband, my biggest strength, my inspiration. He pushed me out of my comfort zone which apparently, was very tiny, and introduced me to a whole new me. I wouldn’t have imagined myself dressing in so many cute outfits. I would always see girls of my age wearing cute spaghetti straps, and I was always covered in full sleeves. Most people didn’t even know that I had a tattoo on my right arm because, I never wore short sleeves.  My confidence took a huge hit in my college days, I was miserable. I started changing the attitude about my body once, I started my postgraduate in UK. But, again I was still under my cocoon not completely emerged out of shell. I know there are most people like me who are buried under their own thoughts, and contemplations about their bodies. To all of them, please get out, and start being yourself. Don’t be a victim of the society! The society is going to talk about you, and criticize you no matter what. I would rather take the criticism for being myself than for being someone else. You’d be surprised to know who you’re underneath. I found myself, and I’m still in the process of knowing more about me. I’ve embraced myself, and my body! Don’t let the society decide who you are, and what you wear. Go explore!

I believe, and live by this motto:

“People will stare, make it worth their while”

Today’s post is all about going bold, being quirky, and playing with colors. I chose this printed bolero jacket as the key piece for today’s look. There are so many colors on this jacket, and I was spoilt for choices to pair it with. I had initial thoughts about pairing with something more subtle but then, again go big or go home. I paired it with a dip hem, or high-low skirt in neon orange. Since, this look is all about colors, I added a pop of blue in the form of this very cute sling bag. Adding more glam to the look, I wore my all time favorite mirrored sunnies.


** Outfit **

Printed Bolero jacket: You can buy here Quirkbox

Miniature tote bag: Ted baker

Sunnies: Aliexpress

Skirt: Koovs

Shoes: Streetstylestore

Signing off, I will be back soon with exciting new posts!! Until then 

Much love,

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  1. Not only that I loved your outfit but your post is amazing! I have been through such situations in my teenage years due to facial hair problems, yes Society is the reason we loose our confidence but then again we say that society doesn’t matter to us! And truly speaking nothing matters to us than being ourselves and living our life however we want ❤️❤️

  2. You look so stunning, Supritha! Love everything about this look! That jacket is so so gorgeous on you. That cute little is bag is to die for! Lovely outfit babe!! <3 :*

  3. Aw this was so touching! People can really be cruel, it’s sad! Well I think you are absolutely stunning!!!! I’m so glad you realize that it’s you which matters. I know it’s hard to get past other people’s perception, I’ve gone through similar things. Love this outfit of yours, you look gorgeous in every pic! Love ur blog too, can’t wait to read more Xoxoxo

  4. We all face that judgement, don’t we. I have always got comments on me being on the plump side. 😀
    But I think it does not matter what others think, but how you feel.
    I love the statement “PEOPLE WILL STARE, MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE” and your tattoo!`
    This dress truly shows your quirky side. Love the jacket.
    Keep rocking girl!
    Richa | Fancier’s World

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