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December 11, 2015

Hello lovely people! Most awaited day of the week is here! Yes, Friday!! Happy FriYay!!! 🙂
I’ve been at sun deity’s mercy from last couple of weeks.  70°F in mid December? Yes, Please!! So, following few posts are going to be glorious with the sun on my side! This particular post was the unfortunate one to witness the dull, gloomy, and depressing winter weather! But, on the bright side, I got to wear one of my favorite sweater dresses ♥ Whether trendy or not sweaters were always fall-winter’s #1 staple.

I remember how much I used to loathe wearing any type of sweater, growing up! I always thought you wore sweaters only when you felt “a bit under the weather”. Anytime I wore sweaters, the itchy fabric made me scratch my neck, sweating my heart out, cause I was never cold, au contraire. “Loathe” is just not enough to express my feelings! I don’t know how many of you can empathize but, sweaters of any kind gave me creeps. Until I went to England, by default I had to embrace them to beat the unbearable cold! I found myself wearing a lot more sweaters, I’ve never worn in my entire life! But now, its become my go-to outfit piece for the fall/winter! I can wrap myself in a cosy knit sweater, on a pair of jeans, through in a coat, jump in a pair of boots, and I’m ready to step out!!

IMG_4594IMG_4531There are so many kinds of sweaters that’s trending this season. But, don’t do trends per se, wear what you feel like, and what you’re most comfortable in! Because, wearing sweaters can be tricky (take it from me!) IMG_4577 So, in today’s post I’ve featured a cute baby pink sweater dress, this was the very first that I ever bought about 4 years ago! Can’t believe it’s still not outdated, like what?  And honestly, It doesn’t matter, you like it, wear it! After all, you make the statement! I paired this baby with a plaid trench coat. And, because, this season is all about warm clothes, I tried layering! If there is anything that I’ve learnt from living in England, that’s layering, a key to staying warm. That doesn’t mean you can’t look chic! Pairing it with pieces like knee-high suede boots, floral scarf, and a beret helps in achieving a great look! You don’t have to incorporate all these pieces in one look, you can tweak it according to your taste! Overall, I think its a cute look, what do you think? Let me know your favorite fall/winter look in the comments below! 🙂


** Outfit **

Sweater Dress: Jane Norman

Suede Boots: Macys

Trench coat: Honestly, I don’t remember

Beret: Forever 21 for $3!!!

Floral scarf: Debenhams

Signing off, I will be back soon with exciting new posts!! Until then 

Much love,


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