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December 2, 2015

Well, hello December!!
And, hello my lovely people, I hope you’re all doing well, I sincerely apologize for being inconsistent in writing my blog posts. I was down with severe flu, and it took a major toll on my mind. A lot of my plans came to a standstill due to my health, and the weather just made it worse. The weather is so unpredictable, It starts to pour when It pleases. A huge disappointment, and an obstacle to do outdoor shoots. Also, It gets dark so early these days, which is even worse! *Sigh* I miss summer, and those lovely bright days 🙁 I loathe the dull, and gloomy skies, makes me cry!

Anyway, I’m finally starting to feel a lot better, I’m hoping to do more blog posts like before. So, one good day, the solar deity decided to show mercy on me, and it shed some good sunlight to take these photographs. In today’s post, I’m featuring my collaboration with Ameyaa Jewelry 😀

“We truly believe that Happiness is handmade!”

What’s this? It is an exquisite, handmade jewelry store on Etsy, based out of San Jose, California. Arpita Sangannanavar is the jewelry designer behind Ameyaa. Interestingly, she is the Owner, Creator, and the Photographer behind all her designs. Isn’t she cool?? 🙂 “Ameyaa”, very true to its name, It means “Boundless”, just like their collection.  It is a collection of exquisite handcrafted jewelry, designed and customized with finesse to match your taste and sensibility. The designer holds her roots from India, and exhibits both ethnic, and contemporary designs in her style of jewelry. She uses a wide range  of natural stones and beads, turquoise, cubic zirconia, fresh water pearls and semi-precious gemstones. Hoops and wire wrapped jewelry are also, a part of her collection. Her store offers you a variety of jewelry, from Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Sets. You can also request your orders to be personalized, and customized to your tastes. These innovative and elegant combinations designed with a personal touch are sure to be an aesthetic treat for jewelry lovers. It also, comes packaged in a cute little box! Bonus!! 😛
She sent me these gorgeous pair of earrings, and I couldn’t stop myself from wearing it, and featuring it on my blog this week. Featured here is a silver filigree drop earrings with cubic zirconia in red. I dawned these vintage looking floral earrings with my traditional indian attire called “Kurtha” or simply, a long tunic. These earrings pairs so well with my self pattern floral tunic. It amplifies the look, and provides this look with a whole new dimension. Isn’t it surprising, as to how a simple earrings can turn your look so elegant? I adore this look, and I wish I could get my hands on everything from her store! Its beautiful, especially, the necklaces. I’ll be featuring a necklace in one of my upcoming posts. So, this holiday season, gift one (or more :P) of these unique handcrafted pieces to your loved ones. This is her Instagram page, you can follow her, and view some of her exquisite jewelry works. And, If you wish to show her some love, you can purchase them here ♥  Do let me know what you think about this post! Have a great day!


I will be back soon with exciting new posts!!

Much love,


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