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‡‡ StyleCon 2015: Floral Cape and Gold Brogues ‡‡

November 12, 2015

Omg!! Can you believe December is almost here?? It doesn’t feel like it though! At least, not in Texas. Well, I couldn’t believe it in California either! Why you ask? Read on!!
As a blogger, I’m a part of various blogger networks, one such network is “BloggerBabes”. I was delighted to receive a StyleFan ticket from them to attend StyleCon 2015. It looks like, Fashion and Beauty lovers finally have their own “Con”–StyleCon!! I was humbled to receive this ticket for free, and I decided to gear up for the event. I did not really know what to expect from this event but, I was positive that it was going to be amazing! It was held in Costa mesa, Orange County, California on the 7th of November between 10 am – 4pm. I was greeted with an absolute gorgeous weather, with the sun shining bright, and clear skies as far as my eyes could see. It definitely didn’t feel like winter was going to be here soon! Since, I had already checked the weather in Orange County, I decided to wear something light, and airy for the day I wore a neon orange spaghetti strap top underneath a floral cape, and paired it with denims. To style this look, I wore these cut out gold brogues, and gold rim sunnies.


Approximately 7 miles from John Wayne International Airport was the venue, “The Hangar at the OC Fair & Even Center”. All the attendees to this event were provided with a complimentary  tram service as, the place was too HUGE to commute by walk! Then, the usual, show your tickets, scan them, and walk in! I was blown by what was next!! One big goodie bag ,actually a stylish Tote filled with loads of full size beauty products, a full day complimentary beauty services, plenty of giveaways, and crazy fashionable fun. There were so many beauty pop ups, the big one was their sponsor, “Topshop“. They had a really unique collection of clothing displayed in the most chic way possible. The Hangar was filled with loads of beauty and fashion bloggers, all dolled up for this big event.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.31.49 pm

I was approached by a really sweet photographer, Tim Regas, who captured a lovely shot of mine (below), and featured it on his website. Soon, after my teeny weeny “Paparazzi moment”, I went straight to this interesting stall where, they offered to do glitter makeup! I was all set to be dazzled, with my glitter lips, and glitter liner on! There were many such beauty makeover stalls that would provide complimentary hair styles, blowouts, manicure, makeup, and more! Too bad that I had a flight to catch, and could not try out everything at the event. But, as far as what I could do, I made the best out of it. It was an awesome time, and a day well spent. I got a chance to meet, and get acquainted with many fashion and beauty bloggers. It was a great networking opportunity with sponsors, and influencers. Also, these influencers provided some insightful tips, on topics such as, The Business of Social Media, The Perfect Instagram Photo, Blogging, and PR. Not just that, attendees could try out their products, and avail a free sample, Its amazing or what?. At the end of the event, my goodie bag was full with treats, and my eyes twinkled with delight! ♥ DTuogKyWHe_Am3Y5BDUVhepJQrIrGO4tCN2zNxCB0wY

But, It was not the end of the day as, my mister, and I decided to take a short detour towards the Laguna Beach, California. The road to the beach was breathtaking, we experienced the spectacular mountain view on one side, and the beautiful beach on the other. We managed to spend some time at the beach, clicked a couple of pictures, with our adorable little member of the family, “Ingee”, and It was goodbye California.

thumb_IMG_4177_1024 thumb_IMG_4178_1024 thumb_IMG_4180_1024 thumb_IMG_4186_1024   thumb_IMG_4211_1024 thumb_IMG_4213_1024 thumb_IMG_4217_1024 thumb_IMG_4239_1024 thumb_IMG_4249_1024 thumb_IMG_4257_1024 thumb_IMG_4264_1024 thumb_IMG_4286_1024 thumb_IMG_4198_1024thumb_IMG_4225_1024 I hope you liked my post, It felt great to share my story with you all, and most definitely feels good to be back!

** Outfit **

Spaghetti strap top: Zara

Floral Cape: Missamore

Denim: New Look

Gold Brogues and Sunnies: 20Dresses

I will be back soon with more exciting new posts!!

Much love,


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