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Ξ Sponsored post: Measurable Difference Eyeshadow Giveaway Opportunity! Ξ

September 11, 2015

Hi everyone!! Happy Friday!! 🙂 Today I’ve a giveaway opportunity, from Measurable Difference. They are happy to introduce, Desert Nights Eyeshadow palette in gorgeous shades. You can dress your eyes with this colour rich eye shadow palette for any occasion. Create more definition by using a deep and darker tone in the eye–crease and at the outside corner. Make eyes look wider with a lighter colours on the lid and on the brow bone to make your eyes pop! It comes in these three palettes, ranging from shimmery gold to smoky black (with a bit of nudes and pink of course!!).

 A little bit more about the Brand: The Measurable Difference brand was developed to help the everyday woman keep her youthful glow. It is a reflection of a healthy and natural lifestyle to accommodate women everywhere – whether they choose to as a city girl in an office or from home as a mother. We are dedicated to promoting natural beauty in a world full of unrealistic beauty expectations. The LASHEM Natural Beauty Products line consists of mascara, anti-ageing creams, and eyelash booster. A brand which combines natural ingredients for the highest quality possible. We offer anti-ageing products that are natural and made in the United States.

Where do I buy?: Measurable Difference is available in countries all around the world at retailers including stores like,,, and Pharmasave in Canada, and other beauty supply stores around the world, as well as on What are you waiting for? Go ahead and participate in the contest for a chance to win one these eyeshadow palettes!!

Contest Opportunity: This post is a part of the giveaway contest to receive these eyeshadow palette. What’s more exciting?? This giveaway is open to you all!!! Yay!!! Well, you can receive them too! Want to know how? Keep reading!! 😀 Chrislie Formulations ( is looking for bloggers to participate in their contest, and If you would like to participate too then, go ahead and create a post, and then embed code below into your post.″; data-campaign=”7f61″ class=”promosimple”>http://aclass=


Finally, just share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other social media channels as well!!! Isn’t is exciting?? I’m thrilled to be doing this (P.S: This is a sponsored post!) I hope you have enjoyed this post too! If so, please share it with your friends!! 🙂 Exciting new posts coming soon!! And, I would love your feedback ♥

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