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September 1, 2015

Hi Lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend 😀


Today’s post is the continuation of my previous post, and the pictures have been shot primarily around Brooklyn bridge. This post features my friend, who has already been introduced in my post, “It’s a colourful life“.

The first few pictures with red cube in the background was shot in front of 140 Broadway, lower Manhattan. The bright red painted steel of Red Cube was sculpted by Isamu Noguchi. The sculpture itself balances on one corner, the opposite corner reaching towards the sky. Despite its title, the sculpture is not actually a cube, instead seems as though it has been stretched along its vertical axis. It is a public art in New York and one among the many tourist attractions.

My friend here sports a lemon yellow crop top with floral pants. As, I had already mentioned in my previous post, it is best to wear flats if you’re planning to look around New York by walk (mostly!), trust me, it is a lot of walk!! So, she chose tan loafers over heals (though, she was contemplating! :P), and a tote in tan to complete her look. With a lot of yes, no, maybe, maybe not, she wore these statement earrings for accessories. So, do let me know what you think on this look in the comment section below. Your feedback is very important for me to do better, and more exciting posts. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post meanwhile, do follow me on Instagram @Love_Lace_Louboutins ♥

IMG_2993 IMG_3013

IMG_3020IMG_3076 IMG_3079 IMG_3087 IMG_3098

** Outfit **

Crop top: Forever 21

Floral pants: Century 21

Loafers: Old Navy

Bag: Michael Kors

Photo credits: My husband 🙂

Exciting new posts coming soon!! And, I would love your feedback

Much love,

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