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∞ New York minute: Day 1 ∞

August 29, 2015


Well, hello everyone!! Weekend is here and it is time for my next post! I was in New York last weekend, as I had mentioned earlier.

Today’s post and few of my upcoming posts are shot in places around NYC. Visiting this city was so much fun, especially, with great company, it was amazing. It is a city that never sleeps, there is so much going on everyday, that the city offers a new story to tell. On that note, I’ve a story to tell, It is about the two days I spent there.

Day 1: Visiting Lady Liberty, Ground zero, Brooklyn bridge, and Time square

Going to New York, and not visiting the Statue of Liberty is a sin. There are some key elements that make up this city, and the lady Liberty is certainly one of them. We set off early, taking one of the most common form of transport in NYC, the subway. Ride was about 20 minutes from Manhattan. The number of tourists that flock the place is way more than you will find in any airport in the United States. Luckily we had already reserved our ferry online which enabled us to skip the long last minute booking line and we got on the ferry to meet the Lady. There she was, standing tall on the island, what a beauty I tell you, she was magnificent. The skyline was breath-taking, nothing can compare. We were loitering around the island for about an hour (taking as many pictures as we can :P) and we were back to the mainland.

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Soon after our short trip to the island, we were off to an Indian restaurant, Benaras, at 45th and Murray. An upscale restaurant with great food. However, service was very slow even when we were the only customers during that time. This restaurant was also very close to the Ground Zero where, the mighty World Trade Centre once stood. We decided to take a walk from the City Hall to the other end of the Brooklyn bridge (Damn!! that was a long walk, and very tiring. 3 miles, are you kidding me?) It was worth the walk, the view was picturesque, and we managed to capture great shots. Later at night, after a good time spent with friends, at an Irish-American pub, our last stop was Times Square. Sub-posts featuring my friend with more shots around NYC, will be coming next week 🙂

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So, for this day, I chose to wear a jumpsuit in teal, paired with gold flats/sandals as, we decided to explore the city mostly by walk. I know heels would’ve made all the difference in the world and all that but, wearing flats was the best thing I did (For all the walking we had to do all day!) I added the gold bee shaped earrings, with teal stones to complement my outfit, and completed the look with my super favourite Furla candy mini satchel. This is it for today, I hope you’ve great weekend, I know I’m in for a great weekend as, I’m en-route to Maui. I will be back soon with exciting stories from Maui, I can’t wait!! Let me know your thoughts on this look. Till then, keep shopping, and Keep reading!! ♥ Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram  Here 

** Outfit **

Teal Jumpsuit: Forever 21


Shoes: Streetstylestore

Bag: Furla

Photo credits: My husband 🙂

Exciting new posts coming soon!! And, I would love your feedback ♥

Much love,

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