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August 24, 2015

Hello Lovelies!! Where did you all go this weekend? I spent my weekend in New York, and I must say it was a-mazing!! Ok, this sweet blogger friend of mine, Swati, a beauty and fashion blogger behind Asipofbeauty nominated me for the “Liebster Award“. This one is quite special because, for the first time in a month of blogging experience, I have been nominated for an award. I’m extremely thrilled, thank you so much Swati, really kind of you :* Do check out her blog for some awesome posts! 🙂


  1. Thank the nominator
  2. Display the award
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions
  4. Answer the questions provided by the nominator
  5. Notify the nominees


  1. Where is your favourite place to shop? –> Shopping is my favourite past-time, and I’m not picky about this! Love shopping anywhere and everywhere 😀
  2. Who is your favourite fashion icon? –> Oh! thats a tough one! Hmmm, Coco Chanel, maybe!
  3. You can only take one makeup/beauty product with you on vacation.  What would it be? –> I must agree with Swati on this one, It is definitely my eyeliner! I cannot leave my eyes naked! 😉
  4. Where would your dream vacation take you? –> Everywhere 🙂 So, my husband works for an airline, and perks of being a spouse of an airline employee is that you can fly anywhere and everywhere your heart desires! Then, why limit your dream, when it can come true? 😉
  5. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? –> I’d actually want to be a Nomad! That or Bangalore, India. After all home is where your heart is
  6. What is your dream job? –> Any job that gives me inner satisfaction and happiness, would be an ideal job! Mostly, in a fashion industry!
  7. What is your biggest motivation? –> My Husband is my motivation! He never gives up on me even when I lose all my hopes!
  8. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? –> I’m a very crazy person, if my friends are reading this, they would definitely smirk and agree!!
  9. If you could go back in time, who would you want to meet? –> I want to meet my husband “again”, start over as friends and get married “again” 🙂
  10. What is your favourite movie?- Oh! too many to pen


  1. What inspired you to blog?
  2. I’ve a fetish for earrings, what’s your fashion fetish?
  3. Do you have any quirky habit?
  4. What is that one thing you wish to undo from your past?
  5. What/Who influenced you the most in your life?
  6. What is your worst nightmare?
  7. Are you/Were you a trouble maker? 😉
  8. What is your ultimate goal in life?
  9. Love or Money?
  10. How would you rate my blog on a scale of 1-10, and why? Let me know in the comment section below 


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I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! I loved answering these questions, I hope you do too. Waiting to see your answers 🙂

Exciting new posts coming soon!! And, I would love your feedback 

Until next time, 


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