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August 7, 2015


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Hello lovelies! I’m back with another summer loving, much requested outfit! As summer continues to heat up, crop top trend seems to be heating up along with it! Crop tops have become the “Holy grail” of fashion this season. Who in their right minds wouldn’t wanna wear light fabrics to beat the heat?? And, if the fabric is chiffon/sheer with floral prints and pastel colour?? Voila!! you hit a jackpot!! Couldn’t have asked for more!! Floral prints and pastel colours are a match made in heaven. It is both feminine and cute, don’t you think? Well, it was instant love for me when, I saw this top in store and needless to say I grabbed them before I lost it to the glory of my size!! It’s hard for someone who is skinny like “me” to find their right size! and If you do get lucky, they’re either overpriced or worse, it doesn’t fit you like its supposed to. Story of my life! *Sigh!*

Anyway, I finally picked it! But, soon it dawned on me, “How am I going to style this?” I wanted to keep it casual while keeping the chic quotient alive! Initially, thoughts of pairing it with shorts, jeans, leggings crossed my mind but, NO! It didn’t settle in as much as i wanted it to. And then, this happened, “HAREM PANTS” ♥ Another awesome piece of garment that I absolutely adore! So, there I was, wearing this cute crop top with harem pants. Well, it turned out to look even better when, I wore these chunky statement earrings (my fetish for earrings will never die!! ;-)) and grey wooden heel shoes to glam up and to finish my look!! Also, I have styled this look with the cute Furla mini candy satchel in grey/nebbia (posted on my Instagram). I totally dig this look, do you?? Let me know in the comment section below 

** Outfit **

Floral crop top: H&M

Harem pantsJabong

Statement earrings : Primark

Satchel: Furla

Photo credits: My husband 🙂

Exciting new posts coming soon!! And, I would love your feedback ♥

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